About Me

My name is Ijeoma TDaniels.

I am a mom to a pretty little girl who was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).

Our Story

My daughter’s diagnosis took a huge toll on me emotionally and for a while, I couldn’t do any jobs at all. I knew it was time to devote my time to taking care of my baby while doing something that gives me joy – writing.

When we returned to our country after the diagnosis, I went online to search for information on how to care for a child with SMA but I found information that was just scattered everywhere; nothing really spoke to me, so I decided to start journaling my experience and to start sharing it. That was how this blog was born but I decided not to limit it to stuff that has to do with caring for an SMA child alone but also share everything that I am learning along the line.

So, The Seeking Mom blog is an information hub for the total woman where we share details about motherhood and even pre-motherhood. I am thrilled to have you here.

Fun Facts

I love to dance. My family members tease me about that because once there’s any music beat, whether it makes any sense or not, I am dancing to it. Surprisingly, I’m not one of the best dancers around; I just love to move with the rhythm. You get me?

When I am not writing, I am surfing the internet, looking for the next new thing to learn.

I have only been to one other country apart from my country but you will always catch me reading about the next fun destination someone can be in. I am not a traveller (yet) but I feel like my spirit has gone to all the seven continents of the world while waiting for my body to catch up with it.

My Other Blogs

Writing is not only a hobby for me, but it’s also my job and I share all about my content marketing business here.